There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

Our Mission

To control the growing size of the People’s Republic of China, the Chinese government implemented the One Child Policy in 1980, limiting each family to one child. Although this policy ultimately curbed the rapid population growth, it also split families apart since many newborn girls were abandoned and put up for adoption while it was in effect. Thousands of girls have been adopted into loving families, but many have not had the opportunity to share their experiences as an adoptee and connect with other Chinese adoptees.

Sisters of China is a community organization dedicated to uniting female Chinese adoptees of all ages by providing them a safe space to share their stories, discuss challenges, and celebrate their heritage.

How It Works

The two main ways to get involved with Sisters of China are through the virtual meetings and the Facebook group.

Virtual Meetings

Members are always invited to join the monthly virtual meetings, but may choose to attend them as they need. In these meetings, members will have the opportunity to discuss adoption-related topics and non-adoption-related topics

Facebook Group

The Facebook group is open to non-members and members. Similar to the virtual meetings, the Facebook group allows adoptees to get to know one another by giving them a place to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and experiences on adoption-related topics and non-adoption-related topics.

Join the Network Today

Want to join an amazing network of 200+ members? All you have to do is complete brief the Sisters of China Membership Application below.

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